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Caribou Coffee :

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caribou Coffee

Caribou coffee is a company or retail that run the specialty coffee and espresso retailer. This company is based on the Minnesota as the main company and have the specialty on the espresso beverages, tea, sandwiches, bakery and the roaster of the own coffee blends. It has more than 273 coffeehouses in total 18 states in all over the Columbia District. Besides that, this company is also having 203 franchises that are spread in all over 10 countries.

Caribou Coffee History :

The founder of the caribou coffee is John Pucket, a management consultant that works for Boston based Firm Bain and Company in the first time. He decided to be an entrepreneur and after he and his wife were finished a trip to Denali National Park in Alaska, they decided to start a coffee company as their new business. On that time his wife, Kim, stayed with her job at the General Mills, meanwhile John moved to Minnesota to start their coffee business and plan all the financing aspect. 

The first concept for the new Caribou Coffee is the five days a week schedule that is aimed for the offices’ employees, based on what is worked in Boston. Pucket was signing for the first location that is located on a big building, Pillsbury Center.

However, soon after that moment, the building owner decided for not signing the rent for the building again because the other tenant has already has the exclusive rights to sell the coffee. 

Because of that, the financing for the store is cannot be done because it is depended on the special site. John Puckett is then deciding to find the new location that is available on the suburb and the Edina, Minnesota that is located on the Minneapolis Suburb is the first location that is chosen by Puckett as the first location on December 1992.

Caribou Coffee Quality : 

As the big and experienced coffee retailers company, caribou coffee uses caribou Coffee the best quality of every base ingredients, especially the coffee bean. 
Besides that, the coffee is also made by the talented and the passionate roaster that will always make the best coffee every time and is also trying to make the unique and different coffee from the other places.

The coffee beans that are used are the finest Arabica beans and it is as the result that the Caribou coffee worldwide relationship with many professional coffee grower. Besides that, the control for the quality standard is always done to guarantee that the customers will always get the best coffee on their hand.

It is a perfect solution to get the highest quality of the coffee beans. After having the best base coffee beans, it will be continued on the expert roastmasters that are ready to make and create the interesting and unique coffee for the coffee lovers.

There are some secrets to guarantee the coffee quality at Caribou Coffee. The first is the freshness. It is so simple that the best taste of a coffee is when it’s fresh. That is why, the company is having no compromised with the freshness aspect as one of the standard. The second secret is that the Sustainability in the coffee sourcing. The company is believed that the sustainable coffee can help to make the sustainable world as well.

That is why; the Caribou Coffee Company is teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance, one of the certification program around that is the most comprehensive. It is done by the company to make sure that the earth is well cared and to ensure that all the Farm workers, their families and the communities are well treated as well.

The third secret to guarantee the coffee quality at Caribou Coffee is the usage of the 100% natural or the Chemical free decaf coffee. Some of the other coffee companies are often use the methylene chloride . It is a chemical that is used to strip the caffeine from the coffee beans. Although this process is safe for the customers, but it will break the natural taste of the beans and somehow it will leave the chemical residue.

Here on the Caribou coffee Natural Decaf, the Company is used the all natural for the decaffeination processes. As the results of these chemical free processes are the full and rich flavors of the coffee for the regular blends.

This all natural processes have 2 simple steps:

caribou CoffeeSteaming. The steaming process will open the pores of the beans and it will make the beans are responsive for the solvent that will make the caffeine removes. 

Drawing. The company uses the water for the exclusive decaffeination solvent. The usage of the water will leave the most important flavor of the coffee and it will make the intense and rich flavor as the end. 

All of these processes are really safe for the customers and make the coffee has the best flavors that you can get every time in Caribou Coffee


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