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Coffee Recipe:

How many coffee recipe that you know? Are you the type who likes to experiment or prefer something that has been tried and tested? If you are the first type, you might like to look for a variety of new coffee recipes and you also must know coffee recipes as varied as the types of coffee drinkers. Have you ever tried all kinds of coffee such as cappuccino, latte, mocha, and espresso? Did you try it when served hot or cold? (yes cold! As freddo cappuccino or iced coffee).

Have you added some flavor enhancer for different sensations in your coffee? Try to add chocolate, brown sugar, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, hazelnut, alcoholic beverages and other mixtures.

In addition to drinks, you might be able to try out some recipes that include elements of coffee. There are many varieties, both sweet and savory flavors (all derived from minced meat for risotto, for sauces and gravies) that might fit your taste.

In this article, we will see 10 coffee recipes that famous in most coffee cafe but you can make it on your own with cheap price and delicious taste.

Hot Latte Coffee Recipe 


1. 6 tablespoons instant coffee

2. 1000 ml of hot liquid milk

3. 250 ml heavy cream

4. 100 gr sugar

How to make:

• Dissolve instant coffee in a little hot milk, stirring until dissolved. Add the remaining milk, mix well.

• Beat the heavy cream with sugar until soft and somewhat stiff.

• Pour the hot coffee into a cup, put heavy cream to taste and serve while hot or warm.

Cold Latte Coffee Recipe :


1. 2 tablespoons instant coffee

2. 300 ml of warm milk

3. 125 ml heavy cream

4. 3 tablespoons granulated sugar

5. Ice cubes, according to taste

6. Chocolate chip, cut into thin

7. Cocoa powder for sprinkling

How to make:

1. Dissolve the instant coffee in the milk and set aside to cool.

2.Enter heavy cream, sugar, and ice cubes in a blender. Then the process until the sugar dissolves.

3. Enter milk coffee and chocolate pieces into a blender, process back until bubbly.

4. Pour the drink into a glass, sprinkle with cocoa powder if you like chocolate. Serve cold.

Hot Cappucino Coffee Recipes :


1. 1 teaspoon instant coffee

2. 1/2 tsp cocoa powder

3. 1 teaspoon brown sugar

4. 1 tablespoon sugar

5. 250 ml water

6. 50 ml whipping cream

How to make:

1. Combine coffee, cocoa powder, and sugar in a cup and set aside

2. Heat the water to a boil, mix into a cup coffee. Stir it up until blended.

3. Whisk whipping cream, spray it above the coffee

Ice Cappuccino Coffee Recipe 

Coffee Resipe


1.100 grams of coffee

2.250 ml water

3.Sugar to taste

4.200 ml heavy cream

5.Decorative spray cream to taste

6.Ice Cube

How to make:

1. Boil water, create dense black coffee and filter

2. Prepare a blender, fill with thick cream coffee, sugar and ice cubes and blend until frothy, pour into a glass, inlaid with decorative cream spray

3.Serve cold

Chill Coffee Espresso Coffee Recipe : 

Espresso is a beverage produced by extracting coffee beans that have been milled to spout hot water under high pressure. Espresso comes from the Italian language meaning express or "quick" because it is made to be presented immediately to the customer. Espresso Chill is one of the basic preparations original of the espresso coffee. Can also be made without machine.


1. 150 ml of cold water

2. 2 teaspoons instant coffee

3. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar cubes as needed

How to make :

1. Add the cold water and coffee into a blender. Dissolve until well blended.

2. Add ice and sugar. Dissolve again until smooth.

3.Serve cold

Black Iced Coffee recipe :


1. Oreo biscuit 4 piece (flue cream)

2. Ice cubes 200 grams (destroyed)

3. 4 chocolate ice cream spade

4.Water 100 milliliters of strong coffee

5.Material toppings Black Iced Coffee:

6. Whipped cream

7. Chocolate syrup or cocoa powder

How to make:

1.The initial step put all the ingredients in the bowl of a blender and process until soft material.

2.Next enter into 2 cup serving, and give the toping.

3.Black Iced Coffee is ready at present.

Iced Mocha Float Coffee Recipes


1. 750 milliliters of cold water

2.Instant coffee powder 4 teaspoons

3. Sweetened condensed milk chocolate 8 tablespoons

4. Cocoa powder 1 teaspoon

5.Vanilla syrup 100 milli liter

6.4 vanilla ice cream spade

Supplementary material:


Brown shaved

How to make:

1.First enter water, coffee, milk, chocolate powder and vanilla in the bowl of a blender fins then blend until all ingredients are well blended.

2. Pour into serving glasses. give 1 scope of ice cream, then sprinkle with shaved chocolate.

3. Serve immediately while cold.

Shake Coffee Recipe: Coffee & Peach


1. 750 milliliters of liquid milk

2. Instant coffee powder 2 teaspoons

3. 250 grams of canned peaches (drained and chopped)

4. Vanilla syrup 75 milliliter

Vanilla ice cream 200 milliliter

How to make:

1. First Pour the milk into the blender bowl, then add the coffee, peach and vanilla syrup, blend until smooth.

2. After that enter the ice cream, and blend again until all ingredients are well blended.

3. Finally pour the coffee into the shake 5 serving glasses.

4. Serve cold


Coffee RecipeChoco Cappucino Float Coffee Recipes :


1.1 teaspoon instant coffee

2.1 tsp cocoa powder

3. 1 tablespoon skim milk powder

4. 1 tsp creamer

5. 3 tsp finely granulated sugar

6. 2 cups crushed ice

7. 1 scoop chocolate ice cream

How to make:

1. Mix all ingredients except the ice cream into a blender and puree until smooth and well blended

2. Pour into serving glasses and add 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream on top.

Moca Mint Cappuccino Coffee Recipes :


1.1 tablespoon chocolate syrup

2.1 tablespoon cream

3.1 tsp cocoa powder

4.100 ml whipped cream

5.100 ml espresso

6.200 ml of boiling milk

How to make:

1.Pour into cups: chocolate syrup, cream, cocoa powder and whipped cream

2.then add the espresso and pour the boiling milk.

3.Stir well, ready to be served

Hot Choco Vannila Coffee Recipes


1.1 teaspoon instant coffee

2.1 1/2 tsp creamer

3.150 ml of hot water + syrup vanilla

4.1 tsp cocoa powder

How to make:

1.Mix all ingredients, then blend until well blended

2.Put in serving glasses and sprinkle the top with cocoa powder

Try one or all of these coffee recipes at home and you can save a lot of money than buying it on the coffee shop. Enjoy the coffee from all of this coffee recipes.


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