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Coffee is one of the most favorite drink for almost all people all around the world. Nowadays, there are so many variations of coffee beverages. Since most people in the whole world likes this bitter drink, the coffee business has develop increasingly for years. Now, we can find coffee in almost every cafe, restaurants, and even a small food stall.

But when people started to know coffee? Who found it first? Where did coffee come from? And how many types of coffee in this world?

The History of Coffee in The World :

No one really know when did coffee was first made but history record that coffee was used even since the 9th century. At first, coffee only existed in Ethiopia, where the real seeds plants by the Ethiopian on high ground. 

But when the Arabs start to expanded their trade, the coffee was brought until the north Africa where they mass plant this plantation. From North Africa then this coffee seeds became spreading to the Asian until European market.

A legend about the history of coffee, tells the story of Kaldi, a goat herders who live in Ethiopia around 300 AD. Kaldi observed a flock of goats herds were still awake even after sunset after they were consuming similar berries. 

He also tried to eat it and feel the same effect. He told the monks nearby, who since then took the coffee for the evening prayer. The history of coffee legends also tell the monks discovered that coffee beans can be roasted and beverage resulting mixture of roasted coffee beans not only produced the same effect, but also feels much better. Coffee beans and the beverage made by them since then were regarded as a luxurious stimulant.

This habit then continues to grow and spread to many countries in Africa, but the method of presentation is still using conventional methods. It was not until several hundred years later the Coffeecoffee beans are brought through the Red Sea and arrived in Saudi with a more advanced method of presentation.

History of cultivation of coffee cultivation and trade originated from the Arabian Peninsula. Throughout the 15th and 16th centuries coffee has been grown, harvested and traded for consumption throughout the land of Egypt, Syria and Turkey. In the period that Yemen is a major producer of coffee and Arabs carefully keeping the coffee plantations are increasingly valuable.

At that time the coffee into the main beverage in Muslim countries. The popularity of coffee can be caused by two things because it gives effect to the body shape and instead of wine or alcoholic beverages that are forbidden by Islam.

The popularity of coffee also helped increase with the spread of Islam at the time until it reaches the area of North Africa, the Mediterranean, and India. The story of the wanderings of Muslims cannot be separated from the coffee, wherever Muslims spread their religion, the coffee is always taken. So that in the 13th century coffee had spread to North Africa, Countries of the Mediterranean and India. In the 14th century, and 15 coffee culture has spread in Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Persia. 

Until the 16th century the entire coffee production is still controlled by Arabs. But at this time, there is no cultivation of coffee outside the Arab region since the Arabs always export the beans are infertile (infertile) by means of cooking and drying it first. This led to the cultivation of coffee is not possible. It was only in the 1600s, an Indian pilgrim managed to bring fertile coffee beans out of Mecca and grow in various areas outside Arabia.

Coffee Spread to Worldwide :

coffeeEurope does not recognize the coffee until the 17th century when the Italians for the first time succeeded in bringing coffee beans to Venetia (1615). They get a supply of coffee beans from the Turks. The presence of coffee in Italy soon wafted into other European countries. 

Until one year later, the Netherlands became the first European country which managed to cultivate them in 1616. In 1650, for the first time the UK has a coffee shop in the city of Oxford. 2 years later the UK already has hundreds of coffee shops.

Coffee in global history recorded since 1690, coffee beans were brought to Java for cultivated on a large scale. At that time, Indonesia was a Dutch colonial colonies. Here the Dutch established plantations in Java and sell their products to Europe. 

Dutch coffee cultivation by great success and Amsterdam became the center of the coffee trade throughout Europe until the 18th century. And that is also the beginning of coffee history in Indonesia. 

So coffee has made its way through centuries and through countries by trades and also conquest. But that’s is what makes us all now know coffee and even developed this drinks into many variations. 


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