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This Is How to Make Coffee from Beginning :

How to Make Coffee 

Have you ever wonder how to make coffee from beginning? People nowadays can easily enjoy coffee instantly. For example, they can go to a cafe or coffee shop like Starbucks to buy coffee and drink it. Some even like to mill the coffee bean by their self and then brew the coffee and drink it. 

Still, those kind of people can easily get the ready coffee bean on the store or supermarket. In this articles, we will see how to make coffee from the beginning and know how hard people making it before we can enjoy it easily every morning or every day. 

How to Make Coffee from Tree to Cups :

Long before the pleasures arrive in your cup, coffee has been a long journey from the ground to form its unique characteristics, quality and type of taste. How the beans are harvested, how to bake, and how fresh the coffee bean, all helped determine the enjoyment of the taste of coffee.

1. Planting and Harvesting : 

Coffee plantations planted on thousands of sub-tropical climate that is not too wide between the constellation of Cancer and Capricorn constellation. Follow the amazing journey of coffee from a small farm to stir up warm in your cup. Start from here.

2. Art Coffee Roasting :

Each bean has a characteristic taste and each created by our expert team of coffee roasting. All combine exceptional versatility of a scientist and the creativity of an artist to create various types of special roasting results.

3. Cupping :

Cupping for a coffee roasting is like a wine taster test drink wine. This is a process that requires Haw To Make Coffeethe skills of trained job as well as high sensitivity to determine the nature of the beans well as the ability to separate medium quality beans with high quality. The final quality of coffee is distinguished by way of roasting and gathering.

4. Most Fresh coffee in the World :

One of the secrets of preparing the perfect cup of coffee is to maintain the freshness of the coffee beans that have been roasted. If you drink a cup of fresh coffee, pleasures also must be more pronounced. We will share some important things to help you choose, buy and prepare fresh coffee.

How to Make Coffee: TIPS coffee brewing :

Now, how to make coffee that taste delicious with aroma that will make your day? If you are a fan of coffee drinks and want to get the perfect and better taste of coffee, then you need to do these tips when you are brewing you coffee:

• Each person has their own way to prepare a cup of coffee. However there are some basic things as a first step: the delicious coffee comes from fresh coffee. If you have a whole coffee beans, preferably freshly ground coffee beans right before you brew. Keep the freshness of the coffee beans and ground coffee you in airtight containers.

• When brewing coffee, boil water from the cold water quality. Because when brewing coffee more than 98% share is water, water quality is very influential in the resulting flavor. If the quality of tap water is not possible, use bottled water or filtered.

• Comparison of water and the coffee was very important. We suggest you measure a tablespoon full or 7gr for any cup or 180 ml of water. If you feel too strong coffee, add hot water little by little. The amount of water that is too small will make coffee over-extraction and bitter taste.

• Check the temperature of the water in your coffee maker. Ideal water temperature is 98 ° C. If you use a French Press or Plunger, the water should be heated with heating water and poured shortly after boiling. Do not pour boiling water onto the coffee grounds.

• To obtain the best flavor and aroma, serve as soon as brewed coffee (coffee will last for 20 minutes in a heater). We recommend to move your fresh coffee into a thermos for freshness longer.

• Do not forget to maintain the cleanliness of your coffee maker. Coffee maker clean is the main How To Make Coffeecapital to make a cup of delicious coffee. Clean regularly with a mild detergent or baking soda to remove impurities, and the oil layer.

When you want to search the answer on how to make coffee, you will find so many answer, depend on the type of the coffee that you want to drink. This was caused by the variation and innovation of the coffee itself. The process making coffee is very long until it can reach your table and you can enjoy it everywhere. Nevertheless coffee is still one of the most favorite drink in the whole world and have some effect for your health too if u consume it in normal portion. Enjoy your coffee then.


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